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Dog’s-eye View: The New Cravendale Ad

6 Apr

Now, I don’t like this new Cravendale ad for two reasons. I’ll give you the first reason, and then let you watch the ad. And then I’ll give you the second.

The first reason I don’t like this ad is because it’s full of cats. And not just any old cats… Intimidating cats with opposable thumbs! Gives me the willies!

See what I mean! It’s not right!

The second reason I don’t like this ad is because it’s just replaced one of my favourite campaigns of recent years, the Cravendale Cow, Pirate and Cyclist spots. How good were they? And how many of you know that they were inspired by cult Belgian animated series Panique au village? Oh, just me…

Enjoy the last of these wonderfully zany ads one last time!