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Great Ads You Might Have Forgotten About!: The Mint Card Hamster

5 May

Hi everyone!

Hope you enjoyed all that Royal Wedding/long-weekend hoopla! Unlike the rest of you (I daresay!), I used my downtime wisely… By coming up with a great new feature for my blog: ‘Great Ads You Might Have Forgotten About!’

Adverts come and they go, and I wouldn’t even like to begin to think about how many adverts each of us are exposed to throughout our lives. But quite often an advert can really stand out and linger on in the memory. And I don’t just mean the big, bona fide classics (Guiness, Cinzano etc.), I’m thinking more along the lines of those little, sparky ads that might not have ran for too long, but for some reason or other managed to get their hooks into you.

I think the below advert for Mint Card is a prime example (what was a “Mint Card”? Does anyone still have one?). A great little idea starring a man, a woman, a hamster and an oddly-shaped financial product.

I bet loads of you are gasping “Ooohhh, I remember that!”