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Great Ads You Might Have Forgotten About!: Honey Monster Signs For Newcastle United

2 Jun

After observing Turkish Airlines’ campaign to congratulate Manchester United on winning their 19th English league title on the MEERKAT Works homepage*, I couldn’t help but cast my mind back to other football team/brand tie-ins.

Of course there have been many, but one of my all-time favourites has to be this mid-90s match-up for Sugar Puffs between the Honey Monster and Kevin Keegan. One went from bewitching kids in the 70s to cutting a rather sad and dated figure in the modern age, and the other is the Honey Monster! Only joking, Kevin… We still love you!

The gist of this ad is that the Honey Monster signs for Newcastle United (although they obviously didn’t grant permission to be named directly or have their kit used in the ad) and heads the side to glory in a big Wembley cup final after KK takes a gamble and brings him on as a super-sub. It’s hard to say which aspect of this fantasy is more unlikely; the Honey Monster being allowed to play professional football… Or Newcastle winning a trophy!

A big, hairy good-with-his-head number nine at Newcastle? These days the Honey Monster would be sold to Liverpool for £30m! Golly, I’m tart today, but I do love this ad. Weird how 90s football, while being just as commercial, seems infinitely more charming than the sport today. Nostalgia, eh?

Get in there HM and KK!

*Why no congratulations to Man U this week? LOL! Not that I’m bitter or anything… I’m a Wolves fan!


RAJAR figures for Q1 2011

18 May

You can read my first official report as MEERKAT’s official newshound by visiting our website.

The RAJAR figures are released every three months and show top advertising bods like me what local and national radio stations have the most listeners. Check it out!

Every Dog has its Holi-Day!!!

12 Apr

(Me in the office… Needing a holiday!)

My very good friend Sarah Jane McQueen (from News International!) sent me a link to this fascinating article regarding dog-friendly holidays that appeared in today’s Sun.

I’ve made sure that all of my colleagues at MEERKAT Works have seen this feature, as I’m loooooong overdue a holiday. They work me very hard here, I can tell you!

I never get to go to any of the places I want to go to either, and I have no idea why! Apparently they’re too “specialist”.

Here is a list of my Top 10 Dream Destinations. Let me know what you think…

1. The Isle of Dogs

2. Barking

3. The Dalmatian Coast

4. Alsace (that’s one for clever-clogs)

5. HOUNDuras

6. Turkey (sounds tasty!)

7. Denmark (home of the Great Dane, of course)

8. Peking

9. Afghanistan (oo-er!)

10. West Highlands

Anyone have any other suggestions regarding where I should go?

Mutley’s Under the Weather!

21 Feb

Yes, it’s sad but true! Looks like I’m going to have to bow out of office life this week while I recuperate.

As you can see above, I’ve been burdened with an Up-style cone, and a quite nasty scar. I don’t really want to go into details about my accident, but let’s just say it involved a frolic in a bush and some unexpected barbed wire. Ouch!

Fear not Mutley fans, I’ll be back on my paws in no time. I just wonder how the office is going to function without me…

Mutley Snap!

17 Feb

Here’s my latest Mutley Snap for you all to feast your eyes on!

This rather mean ‘n’ moody portrait was taken in the Meerkat Works office yesterday, and if you’re wondering what I’m thinking when it was taken, it’s something along the lines of… “GIVE ME THAT BISCUIT!!!”