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Great Ads You Might Have Forgotten About!: Dime bar… Armadillos!!!

13 Jun

Having spent the middle part of last week in Bergen on a lovely business trip, I’ve been reflecting on the best bits about foreign travel recently.

I’m not too proud to say that one of my favourite parts of any foreign holiday is holing myself up in the hotel (preferably on the first night!) and watching some local telly with a big bag of sweets exclusive to the country of my holiday. This “passion” has helped me build up an impressive knowledge of confectionary from around the world. Why, it would be my specialist subject on Mastermind!

Perhaps the best region for sweets and chocolate (outside the mighty UK, of course!) is Scandinavia; birthplace of the incredible Dime bar. Or Daim bar, if you’re from outside the UK.

Ah, I bet you didn’t know that Dime was Scandinavian, and it’s probably as a result of these none-more-British adverts for the chocolate fave starring Harry Enfield.

I wonder how many of you will be quoting this advert all day tomorrow? And I wonder how many of you will now be craving a Dime bar?


Great Ads You Might Have Forgotten About!: Honey Monster Signs For Newcastle United

2 Jun

After observing Turkish Airlines’ campaign to congratulate Manchester United on winning their 19th English league title on the MEERKAT Works homepage*, I couldn’t help but cast my mind back to other football team/brand tie-ins.

Of course there have been many, but one of my all-time favourites has to be this mid-90s match-up for Sugar Puffs between the Honey Monster and Kevin Keegan. One went from bewitching kids in the 70s to cutting a rather sad and dated figure in the modern age, and the other is the Honey Monster! Only joking, Kevin… We still love you!

The gist of this ad is that the Honey Monster signs for Newcastle United (although they obviously didn’t grant permission to be named directly or have their kit used in the ad) and heads the side to glory in a big Wembley cup final after KK takes a gamble and brings him on as a super-sub. It’s hard to say which aspect of this fantasy is more unlikely; the Honey Monster being allowed to play professional football… Or Newcastle winning a trophy!

A big, hairy good-with-his-head number nine at Newcastle? These days the Honey Monster would be sold to Liverpool for £30m! Golly, I’m tart today, but I do love this ad. Weird how 90s football, while being just as commercial, seems infinitely more charming than the sport today. Nostalgia, eh?

Get in there HM and KK!

*Why no congratulations to Man U this week? LOL! Not that I’m bitter or anything… I’m a Wolves fan!

The Return of The Dulux Dog!

20 Apr

Yes folks, it’s true! The best advertising news I’ve heard in a long time; that most famous of pooches, the Dogfather of Advertising (well, next to me!) the Dulux dog is back on our screens!

It’s a new campaign from Dulux celebrating 50 years of the hirsuite hound. 50?! Good old Double D looks great for fifty! Hang on… It says here that there’s actually been 15 Dulux Dogs in all, including the latest addition. The magic of television, eh?

You can watch the Dulux Dog’s comeback ad below. Those of you of a certain age will recognise the soundtrack as being the theme song from seminal 60s kids’ show The Littlest Hobo. I myself remember many a Sunday morning in the 80s sobbing along to repeats of that traumatisingly tearjerking dog-helping-kids’-in-danger saga, so this fab new ad is a double nostalgia hit!

You can also check out Dulux’s own website for even more info on the anniversary.

Dog’s-eye View: The New Cravendale Ad

6 Apr

Now, I don’t like this new Cravendale ad for two reasons. I’ll give you the first reason, and then let you watch the ad. And then I’ll give you the second.

The first reason I don’t like this ad is because it’s full of cats. And not just any old cats… Intimidating cats with opposable thumbs! Gives me the willies!

See what I mean! It’s not right!

The second reason I don’t like this ad is because it’s just replaced one of my favourite campaigns of recent years, the Cravendale Cow, Pirate and Cyclist spots. How good were they? And how many of you know that they were inspired by cult Belgian animated series Panique au village? Oh, just me…

Enjoy the last of these wonderfully zany ads one last time!

Mutley challenges you to think Diagonal!

24 Mar

It’s come to my attention that many people in the advertising industry still haven’t taken the Diagonal Thinking Test!

And perhaps more shockingly… Some of you haven’t even heard of it!

To shed a bit of light on the subject, the Diagonal Thinking Test has been set up by those brainy bods at the IPA in order to see how well suited a gentleman, lady or pooch would be to a career in advertising.

You can find out more about the test and take it here.

I’ve already done it… I’m not telling you my score until you tell me yours!

Mutley presents: Famous Dogs in Advertising!

21 Mar

Hi everyone!

As I’ve already mentioned on Facebook, I’m currently researching and writing a book on famous dogs in advertising. I’m thinking of calling it ‘Direct Barketing’ or ‘Pitch on Heat’. I’m not sure about that last one, admittedly. I’m a bit bashful, too, so I’ve decided to write it under the name David Dogilvy.*

I’ve started sending sample chapters around various publishing houses (except Penguin… I’m not a bird!), but I thought I’d give you all a sneaky peak at it.

As the best-connected dog in the media, I feel I’m well-qualified to tackle such an important and worthy subject. It’s actually remarkable how many pooches have been used to front successful campaigns. As we shall see…

HMV – Nipper

The big doggy daddy of them all, Nipper became an advertising icon in 1900 when a painting he featured in (snappily titled “Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph”) became the logo for HMV. Unfortunately he passed away five years prior to becoming the face of the music retailer, but at least they still use him to this day!

Dulux – Digby

Most commonly known as “The Dulux Dog”, the paint manufacturer has used various Old English Sheepdogs for their enduring campaigns since 1960, of which dog number two, Digby, was the most  famous. Remarkably, each hound they employ comes from the same family, with the latest representative being Don.

Andrex – The Andrex Puppy

These pesky critters have been stealing innocent people’s toilet paper since 1972! These inspired ads, designed to illustrate just how long Andrex rolls are, have been so successful that people still refer to Labrador Retriever pups as “Andrex Puppies”. I know I do, anyway.

John Smith’s – Dog Tricks

Anyone remember this one? These two flat-cap wearing gruff Northern types are so engrossed in their John Smith’s bitter that they don’t raise an eyebrow as their canine chum performing all manner or acrobatic feats behind the bar! John Smith’s seem very fond of dogs. They’ve had Peter Kay do a Crufts spoof in one of their recent ads.

Real Coal Fires – Dog, Cat, Mouse

Has there ever been anybody who’s seen this advert and not immediately gone “Aaahhh!” I bet you all did just now, didn’t you? It’s hardly surprising as the idea of a dog, cat and mouse snuggling up in front of a fire is just too “Aaahhh!” for words, really. The real surprise is that Tony Kaye, who directed this advert, was also the man behind ultra-violent thriller American History X. Oo-er.

Wall’s Sausages – Dog Fight

Oh! Do I not like this?! This advert is incredibly offensive to dogs everywhere, and a blight on the otherwise glorious history of dogs in advertising. Apparently, this is supposed to be funny… But it’s a cheap laugh for those who want to have it!

Woof! Woof!

Sorry to leave you on such a sour note, but that pretty much takes us up to the present day in our history of dogs in advertising. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds…

If you can think of any famous advertising pooches I’ve overlooked, do get in touch and I’ll put them in my book.

It’s going to be great!

*If anybody got that pun, write in and I’ll send you a free dog biscuit.

Sanyo switches off its lights in Piccadilly Circus

25 Feb

I was shocked to see that Sanyo is leaving its iconic space at London’s Piccadilly Circus… It truly is the end of an era!

Sanyo’s will be the last neon sign to grace Piccadilly Circus, and whoever takes over from them will install a fancy LED screen, in keeping with all the other advertisers on the sight.

An estimated 56 million people pass through Piccadilly Circus each year, so whoever does take over will have loads of people eyeing them up.

But for now I’ll just say “Sayonara Sanyo!”


Dog’s-eye View: The New Yell Ad

16 Feb

I had a right-old nostalgic Mutley-chuckle when I saw that Yell had updated the classic Yellow Pages’ “Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley” ad for their new telly campaign!

I remember the ad well from when I was a pup, and it’s very clever of Yell to bring it back. The new version follows a veteran raver and his quest for a vintage trance tune. I won’t spoil the ending for you (although if you remember the original, I’m sure you’ll be able to guess!), and you can check it out below…