Britain’s First Ever Radio Advert!

24 May

Here’s a question for all of you… When was the first radio advertisement broadcast in Britain?

If you think it was in the 50s… You’re wrong!

Sometime in the Swinging Sixties? Guess again!

It was actually in 1973, as part of the launch of LBC (London Broadcasting Company) – the UK’s first ever commercial radio station!

Radio advertising is such a firm fixture in Great Britain these days that it seems quite strange that it’s not yet even forty years old, and stranger still when you compare it to radio advertising in America, which has been dominating the airwaves since the early 1930s.

Appropriately enough that first ever British radio ad was for Birdseye Fish Fingers, quite possibly the most cherished frozen food product on these isles. Perhaps sadly, however, the famous Captain Birdseye is nowhere to be seen (or heard!) in the ad, which actually sounds surprisingly dated now. In fact, I could have told you that the ad actually dated from the 50s and you may well have believed me!

You can listen to it on my Facebook page!


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