The Return of The Dulux Dog!

20 Apr

Yes folks, it’s true! The best advertising news I’ve heard in a long time; that most famous of pooches, the Dogfather of Advertising (well, next to me!) the Dulux dog is back on our screens!

It’s a new campaign from Dulux celebrating 50 years of the hirsuite hound. 50?! Good old Double D looks great for fifty! Hang on… It says here that there’s actually been 15 Dulux Dogs in all, including the latest addition. The magic of television, eh?

You can watch the Dulux Dog’s comeback ad below. Those of you of a certain age will recognise the soundtrack as being the theme song from seminal 60s kids’ show The Littlest Hobo. I myself remember many a Sunday morning in the 80s sobbing along to repeats of that traumatisingly tearjerking dog-helping-kids’-in-danger saga, so this fab new ad is a double nostalgia hit!

You can also check out Dulux’s own website for even more info on the anniversary.


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