Every Dog has its Holi-Day!!!

12 Apr

(Me in the office… Needing a holiday!)

My very good friend Sarah Jane McQueen (from News International!) sent me a link to this fascinating article regarding dog-friendly holidays that appeared in today’s Sun.

I’ve made sure that all of my colleagues at MEERKAT Works have seen this feature, as I’m loooooong overdue a holiday. They work me very hard here, I can tell you!

I never get to go to any of the places I want to go to either, and I have no idea why! Apparently they’re too “specialist”.

Here is a list of my Top 10 Dream Destinations. Let me know what you think…

1. The Isle of Dogs

2. Barking

3. The Dalmatian Coast

4. Alsace (that’s one for clever-clogs)

5. HOUNDuras

6. Turkey (sounds tasty!)

7. Denmark (home of the Great Dane, of course)

8. Peking

9. Afghanistan (oo-er!)

10. West Highlands

Anyone have any other suggestions regarding where I should go?


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