Mutley presents: Famous Dogs in Advertising!

21 Mar

Hi everyone!

As I’ve already mentioned on Facebook, I’m currently researching and writing a book on famous dogs in advertising. I’m thinking of calling it ‘Direct Barketing’ or ‘Pitch on Heat’. I’m not sure about that last one, admittedly. I’m a bit bashful, too, so I’ve decided to write it under the name David Dogilvy.*

I’ve started sending sample chapters around various publishing houses (except Penguin… I’m not a bird!), but I thought I’d give you all a sneaky peak at it.

As the best-connected dog in the media, I feel I’m well-qualified to tackle such an important and worthy subject. It’s actually remarkable how many pooches have been used to front successful campaigns. As we shall see…

HMV – Nipper

The big doggy daddy of them all, Nipper became an advertising icon in 1900 when a painting he featured in (snappily titled “Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph”) became the logo for HMV. Unfortunately he passed away five years prior to becoming the face of the music retailer, but at least they still use him to this day!

Dulux – Digby

Most commonly known as “The Dulux Dog”, the paint manufacturer has used various Old English Sheepdogs for their enduring campaigns since 1960, of which dog number two, Digby, was the most  famous. Remarkably, each hound they employ comes from the same family, with the latest representative being Don.

Andrex – The Andrex Puppy

These pesky critters have been stealing innocent people’s toilet paper since 1972! These inspired ads, designed to illustrate just how long Andrex rolls are, have been so successful that people still refer to Labrador Retriever pups as “Andrex Puppies”. I know I do, anyway.

John Smith’s – Dog Tricks

Anyone remember this one? These two flat-cap wearing gruff Northern types are so engrossed in their John Smith’s bitter that they don’t raise an eyebrow as their canine chum performing all manner or acrobatic feats behind the bar! John Smith’s seem very fond of dogs. They’ve had Peter Kay do a Crufts spoof in one of their recent ads.

Real Coal Fires – Dog, Cat, Mouse

Has there ever been anybody who’s seen this advert and not immediately gone “Aaahhh!” I bet you all did just now, didn’t you? It’s hardly surprising as the idea of a dog, cat and mouse snuggling up in front of a fire is just too “Aaahhh!” for words, really. The real surprise is that Tony Kaye, who directed this advert, was also the man behind ultra-violent thriller American History X. Oo-er.

Wall’s Sausages – Dog Fight

Oh! Do I not like this?! This advert is incredibly offensive to dogs everywhere, and a blight on the otherwise glorious history of dogs in advertising. Apparently, this is supposed to be funny… But it’s a cheap laugh for those who want to have it!

Woof! Woof!

Sorry to leave you on such a sour note, but that pretty much takes us up to the present day in our history of dogs in advertising. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds…

If you can think of any famous advertising pooches I’ve overlooked, do get in touch and I’ll put them in my book.

It’s going to be great!

*If anybody got that pun, write in and I’ll send you a free dog biscuit.


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